The Dune Preserve is the name of the 2-acre strip of land on
Rendezvous Bay which is flanked by CuisinArt Resort and Spa on the left
and Temenos Golf Club on the right.  This sliver of paradise is home to
Bankie Banx, The Moonsplash Music Festival, The Dune Preserve
Restaurant, and The Planet Dune live-music lounge.

The Dune Preserve is affectionately called the Planet Dune because it is
unlike anything else on this earth.  Since 1994, Bankie and his sidekick
Bullett have collected old sail boats, fishing boats and driftwood and
transformed them into an ever expanding work of island art.  The Dune
Preserve has embodied green architecture before anyone on Anguilla
had ever head of green architecture.  Literally built between coconut
and mauby trees of predominantly salvaged and discarded material, it is
barely visible from above and from the sea.

The Dune Preserve in 1994 sat alone on the west side of Rendezvous
Bay before CuisinArt and Temenos were conceived.  At its origin the
Dune Preserve consisted of Bankie's one-room cabin which sat behind a
50-foot sand dune and a small beach bar which sat on the beach side of
the sand Dune.  The Dune Preserve was completed destroyed by
hurricanes in 1996 in 1999.  Each time Bankie and Bullett rebuilt the
Dune Preserve with a new vision.  After the 1999 hurricane the once
majestic sand dunes at Rendezvous Bay were flattened from a
combination of hurricane damage, shifting tides, and new construction.  
Since that time Bankie has worked with the Anguilla National Trust to
restore the once majestic dunes.  Over time the dunes have made a
comeback although at only half their original size.
History of The Dune Preserve
Dune Preserve - 1993
Dune Preserve - 1998
Dune Preserve - 2000
Dune Preserve - 2007
Planet Dune Live-Music Lounge (Regular Schedule)
Tuesday - 6:00 p - 7:30 p
Tea for 2 - The last tea party on the edge
of the British Empire.

$30 - Reservations required.

Phone: (264) 729-4215
Or through your hotel.

Come and enjoy complimentary tea and light
fare feel free to bring your favorite bottle of
wine and enjoy an unplugged performance from
Bankie.  30 guests maximum.

"The Aftermath" begins at 7:45 at the beach bar.
|Moonsplash 2011|
3/17 - 3/20/2011
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Wednesday- 7:30 p - 9:45 p
Barbecue, Bonfire and Banx.

$35 - Reservations Suggested.

Phone: (264) 729-4215
Or through your hotel.

Cost includes choice of dinner from the grill
including chicken, ribs and fresh fish.  Live
performance by Bankie Banx and friends.

Feel free to party well into the night.
Friday- 9:45 p - Until
Bankie Banx Live!

$15 - Reservations Suggested.

Phone: (264) 729-4215
Or through your hotel.

The original late night and after hours live music
Sunday - 11:00 a - 5:30 p
The Dune Sunday Brunch

Phone: (264) 729-4215
Or through your hotel.

Bankie Banx and friends.