This page is dedicated to sharing the behind-the-scenes story of what we believe is the greatest
beach party the Caribbean has ever seen!
Guitars signed by
Jimmy and Bankie
raised thousands for
Parrotheads after
the show
We created a new
back stage area for
the show - early
Entrance After
We built a new deck
and covered bar area
- early stages.
We expanded the
ground capacity from
2,000 to 4,000.
We kept the larger
trees intact and
landscaped the area.
One week before the
show there was still
work to be done.
By the day before the show we
were almost there but we still had
work to do on the deck and grounds.
Bankie saved just enough
energy to do a sound check
and walk through with Jimmy
and the Coral Reefer Band on
the day before the show.
Here is an aerial shot of The
Dune Preserve in January 2007  
before the transformation.
Click on the pictures below to
Fans gathered on the beach
before the show.
Tunes on the Dune took over 7 months of planning, and required thousands of hours to prepare the venue, coordinate
resources, and finalize the logistics.

Bankie worked tirelessly to transform the Dune Preserve from something near perfection into something truly magical.  
The event would not have come off without the commitment and support of Tom McInerney and the entire planning
team.  We raised some very important money for local charities and introduced Anguilla to thousands of people who had
never heard of it before.
Canada was well represented
at the show.
Fins up before
the show!
Bankie welcomed Jimmy to
the Dune Stage
Jimmy Rocked
The Boat!
Tunes on the Dune 2007
Bankie kicked back and
enjoyed the show.
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Bankie's Management Team
Bankie Banx
Caribbean Icon
Oluwakemi L. Banks
Bankie's Sister
Olaide and Tom
One's an investment banker, the
other's a lawyer, both schmucks!
How it started

Bankie got a call in late August 2006 saying that Jimmy Buffett would be flying in to Anguilla to see him.  It is not
that unusual to for Bankie to get a call from a bona fide music legend, nor is it that unusual for one to stop by
the Dune when they're on Anguilla, but this was different.  Within a couple days Jimmy flew in, took a tour of the
Dune and threw out an idea of doing a small concert on the beach at the Dune Preserve.  Bankie was pumped
called me to give me a run down on the meeting the ideas they bounced off.

One idea included renting a barge and creating a floating stage on the water. This could only have been
conceived by Bankie.  I got a surprise call from Jimmy himself setting me up with his personal contact information
and the contact information for his team around the country.  Little did I know that I'd spend more time talking to
these guys than my wife for the next 7 months.

Tom and I began detailed planning in earnest in November of 2006, and from that day forward we spoke on the
phone about 2 hours a day until April.  We met for our first in-person planning meeting in November, and Tom had
great contacts for food preparation, and logistics planning.  Bankie provided the overall vision for the project, and
Tom and I executed the production end.  Bankie was really involved in the venue preparation end, literally working
round the clock with a team of skilled workmen that included Bullett and Carlo at the Dune.

Matt Trimble was the point person on Anguilla for the event coordination. Everyone at Meads Bay Villa Resort
worked tirelessly to help us pull this off.  The Anguilla Tourist Board help with promotion and press. Lynn and
Yanchie provided great support on the ground.  
Cuisinart Resort and Spa were our flagship sponsor.  Thanks to
Stephane, David and Bob at Cuisinart for their support of this project.
We had a great time and raised some important money for local charities.  This is just the beginning.   (O.B.)
Jimmy's Set List
Cuisinart were great
supporters of the
Tunes on the Dune
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